What We Believe

Churches usually have Statements of Faith, and, since we are a church, we do too.  But before we get into that, know this.  The one cornerstone belief that we are built upon is that salvation is by grace alone, through faith in the finished work of  Christ alone, apart from any human effort.  There is no work anyone can do to become a Christian.  Becoming a Christian happens when God regenerates the heart of an unbeliever.  It is all His work, and none of ours.

Statement of Faith

1. We believe in God the Creator and Preserver of all things, who created man, male and female, in His own image.

2. We believe in the deity and humanity of God the Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, who being very God, also became man, being begotten by the Holy Spirit, born of the Virgin Mary, was crucified, died and buried and then was raised from the dead and ascended to the Father.

3. We believe in the deity and personhood of God the Holy Spirit, who convicts the unbeliever of sin and gives the ability to understand the gospel leading to repentance.

4. We believe that the trinity of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit exist co-equally in unity.

5. We believe that the Bible is the divinely inspired word of God and is infallible, as originally given, in all matters of faith and conduct.

6. We believe that the sacrificial death of the Lord Jesus Christ was necessary to atone for the sinfulness and guilt of His children, who would otherwise be subject to God’s judgment and punishment.

7. We believe that each believer, by the working of the Holy Spirit through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, has been born anew to an assurance of eternal salvation as a child of God.

8. We believe that, as members of Christ’s Body, we are to share the good news of the Gospel to bring glory to God.