In “The Top 10 Stinking Lies From The Pulpit,” Rick White challenges ten beliefs that are taught in many churches today. A few of these are taught in nearly every church. Rick uses an abundance of verses to debunk these Christian “myths” that have caused the faith of many to be shipwrecked. Your theological notions very well may be challenged while reading. That is the express purpose of this book – to shed the light of Scripture on some very common false teachings. With humility and humor, Rick leaves you with confidence in the grace of God. If you trust in your own human nature to be good and holy, this book will challenge you . But, if you read to the end, you may be set free from legalism and religion, and you will see the amazing grace of God in a new way.


 I’ve started your book ’10 Lies From The Pulpit’.  Rick mate, it’s like my eyes are opened.  I’m about halfway through and now understand God’s love in a way that confirms everything to me.” – 

Karl C. – Merseyside, UK

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Love Is The Answer – This new book from Pastor Rick White shows how it is possible to love beyond our own ability.  Pastor Rick takes a fresh look at 1 Corinthians 13, the love chapter.  You will get a fresh appreciation for how God loves you, and you will get the secret to loving others with the same kind of love.

“I enjoyed every word. It is so encouraging. I am so compelled to the love of Jesus because of what you wrote.” 

Michael Evans – Associate Pastor of Worship and Discipleship – Woodland Park Community Church

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