About Us

We are so excited to bring you something new – an online-only church that preaches the real gospel of grace alone, through faith in Christ alone, apart from any works.  We have been moved by God to take the ministry work that Kim and Rick White and Loel Passe have been doing for years and consolidate them into a single church. 

Our purpose is simple. We want to remind Christians of the gospel of grace alone, apart from works. And we want to tell that good news to everyone who doesn’t consider themselves a Christian. Basically, we all need the gospel, every day of our lives.  We want to provide an online place where you can connect, pray, support, serve and grow.

There will be weekly sermons on Sundays, worship music, and even some comedy. We can’t wait to “see” you.


Rick White – Lead Pastor

Rick has been leading worship and pastoring/preaching since the early 80s.  He also plays music, acts, and does comedy professionally from time to time.  Rick is committed to the gospel of grace.  

Fun fact: Rick used to play guitar for the official Denver Broncos Band.


Loel Passe – Lead Teacher

Loel has been a successful businessman for over 50 years, while he simultaneously studied the word of God, specializing in apologetics and the New Covenant.  He has been a born again believer since 1969, established and Co-Pastored an Evangelical church in Denver in the 80s. Loel is a musician and songwriter, having written dozens of songs about God.

Fun Fact:  Loel lived in Mexico for five years and speaks fluent Spanish.  He has a heart for autistic people and he adopted a little, autistic girl.


Kim White – Deaconess and Co-Founder

Kim is our CEO – and for us, that means Chief Encouragement Officer.  Connect with Kim and pretty soon you will have a smile on your face.  She loves to speak life to people, and leave them feeling uplifted and positive.  Kim is passionate to use social media to lift people up.  She and Rick have been married for over three decades. 

Fun Fact: Kim was a Certified Massage Therapist for fifteen years.